future mcgarrybowen camper

What’s the one thing you would want us to know about you?

Once upon a time, I saw myself working in the music industry but after multiple internships I learned that I love music but not the industry. I realized that my experiences were not creative or fulfilling. However, I learned many valuable lessons along the way that would be an asset to a company like mcgarrybowen. I learned how to improvise, to effectively manage multiple projects and most of all I learned how to collaborate with others. I am applying to be a mcgarrybowen intern because I crave the excitement that comes with working on a creative team that churns out unique and impressive campaigns.

2.) Show us three reasons to believe in your brand

I am a creative mind: graphic design work and marketing plan

I am a collaborator: radio show and collaborative music list

I am a published writer: waytooindie and jerk magazine


3.) Express yourself in one single-minded creative tag line

I am an inquisitive and collaborative storyteller